RECON PAINTBALL Moves to Bigger Location in Cambridge Ontario.

31 December, 2014

PBL is pleased to announce that  Recon Paintball, a PBL Approved store for the past two years, has moved to a new location to better serve the paintball community at large.

The new pro-shop is located at the indoor paintball facility of The Splatzone.  The Splatzone is a new family friendly venue, specializing in low impact paintball, with outdoor terrains set to expand the field in the spring.  

The PBL family of stores is fortunate to have Nelson Fonseca (Recon Paintball’s proprietor) as the representative in the Waterloo region.  Nelson, as a long time participant in paintball sports, understands the trends and likes of the player.  Robert Lee, CEO of PBL Action Sports, said “As a successful player in his own right, Nelson continues to bring a unique view to retail business.  The Cambridge and surrounding area enjoys some of the most beautiful paintball fields in Ontario.  For PBL, having a local area store to service the needs of both field owners and consumers seemed appropriate to accommodate the growth in the area.”

Adam Kropf, the owner and director of Splatzone said “We are excited and humbled to have Nelson and the Recon Paintball store at our location, being able to offer a knowledgeable full service boutique on site is exciting and allows us to offer customers another reason to visit us in Cambridge.”  Splatzone can be found online at

Nelson from Recon says “We aim to continue our mantra - welcoming all players -  new-comers and veterans alike.  We will cater to all facets of the sport from tactical woodsball  to speedball. We will be big on individual customer service and have a large range of products available. We are equally excited to extend our paintball family to include  Adam and the crew at Splatzone.  We’ve been impressed with their facility and look forward to be a part of their story and growth.  With the help of Splatzone, and PBL Action Sports, we look forward to developing the sport further in Canada and especially in Ontario.”

Nelson invites everyone down to  enjoy the new improved Recon Paintball retail location.

The Recon Paintball Proshop is  at 261 Hespeler Road.  Cambridge, ON.  N1R 3H8.  Phone Number is 226.476.1845..  Email reconpaintballstore@gmail.comand for more information the official website is   

BuyPBL is one of Canada's largest paintball stores located in major cities across Canada, including Toronto ON, Ottawa ON, Richmond Hill ON, Surrey BC, Winnipeg MB and Quebec City QC as well as the National Headquarters in Montreal QC.  BuyPBL is the exclusive Canadian distributor for renowned Paintball brands such as G.I. Sportz Paintball Products, DXS Paintballs and  VForce Goggle Systems as well as a master distributor for popular brands such as Tippmann, HK Army, Exhalt, Murdertron and Dye Paintball..

A sneak peak at the all new Tippmann Mag Fed marker being released this week at Paintball Extravaganza.

24 February, 2014

Dye Snow

20 February, 2014

The CXBL schedule for the 2014 season is now live, Recon Paintball has 7 teams playing in various divisions in Canada's best XBall league.

07 February, 2014

Growing Paintball through Splatmaster.

02 February, 2014

Check out the next Kitchener Recon Clinic, next Sunday February 9th, details are on the poster.

01 February, 2014

Look what the Cat dragged in.

23 January, 2014

Look what the "Cat" dragged in to visit us at Recon Paintball. Tom was in to discuss some exciting upcoming news, stay tuned to The CatShack Reports for upcoming and developing news in the paintball world. — with Tom Tomcat Cunningham

We Are Open Online!

20 January, 2014

Recon Paintball is proud to announce that are now open online!  We have been working hard to develop a smooth beautiful online store for your shopping pleasure!  You will find thousands of products in our store ready for you to purchase.  Give us a call, or come visit us in store to see more!